Barbara de Vos


'Goed Ziek, een K-kroniek'

Book cover and layout designed for Barbara de Vos's new book 'Goed Ziek, een K-kroniek'.

The book tells the story of Sabine de Wolf getting breast cancer "In Holland one to eight women is getting breast cancer. Sabine de Wolf is one of them. For three hundred days since the diagnosis she is busy having medical appointments and treatments, but next to that particularly with doing nothing at all. In this chronicle, an unending column, Sabine is telling you extensively about this period in which she out of necessity had to change her normal busy life for one on hold. Knowing to suffer from a mortal illness, is not a nice thing, but life goes on. You keep up with Sabine step by step. Three hundred days of hope and fear, of messing a bit around on the outskirts of life, of concoctions, of popping up memories and last but not least of the intercourse with indispensable fellow humans."

The front cover features an abstract illustration of a crab (Cancer comes from the Latin word "cancer" meaning "crab", also described in Hippocrates & Paul of Aegina work) a visual metaphor for representing the subject of the book. 

Written by Barbara de Vos.
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Type is set in Garamond, designed by Claude Garamond in Paris in 1535.


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