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Alliance Française, is an international non-profit organisation that aims to promote the French language and culture around the world with its Foundation based in Paris. A global network of over 800 institutions worldwide (133 countries). Alliance Française Pays-Bas (Alliance Française in the Netherlands) tasked Norma Design to unified their national brand identity in all their visual communications.

The actual brand identity was created in 2016 under the supervision of the Foundation. The guidelines were very narrow and does not allow much variations. During few years the overall brand identity in the Netherlands was lost in translation and local subsidiaries were creating their own visual languages.

Along the new addendum of the graphic standard manual, a handful tool kit and some digital templates were delivered to reinforce the original identity. Clear and consice guidelines were given to the local Alliances how to use the templates. Norma Design extended the scope by producing graphics to bring diversity in the communication.

Taking care of respecting the overall brand recognition, Norma Design brings flexibility, clarity and consistency across all supports of the Dutch branch. From stationery to digital template to event communications (all summarized in a new graphic standard manual).

Photos: © AFPB

alliance française logo lockup black background norma design

"[...]The intention of the brand manual is not to impose restrictions, but to jointly strengthen our image and facilitate the work of the local Alliances. In practice, questions or additional wishes may arise that require customization."

typography map alliances françaises in netherlands
brand identity manual afpb showcase of visual guidelines

Spreads of the new manual of graphic standards (guidelines)

afpb bodoni typeface guidelines

AF red and Bodoni Std is the historic choice of the Alliance Française 

The red thread, a flexible graphic device was developed to be used across various applications to unify documents and help identification.

red thread system apply to print afpb

Red thread system apply on print templates (for local Alliances)

notebook of afpb nl for student agenda
various flyer afpb template graphic system

Print communication

national member card student afpb
framed certificat for student afpb

National member card & certificate

vertical banner in expo fair afpb
expo wayfinding leaning panel logo
vertical banner afpb kakemono
grid system for exhibition panel afpb

Expo banners & grid system

The use of secondary colours and expressive typography bring diversity to the corporate communication.

brochure for student membership afpb


invitation with dye cut for AFPB
illustrative posters for afpb

Illustration and typographic explorations for specific communications

embossed greeting card of afpb

Greeting card

datavisualisation of afpb netherlands template


By reorganizing the essentials, the brand identity stay true to its origins and keep consistency across several subsidiaries. 

instagram afpb on iphone with text and graphic
social media post template afpb instagram

Social media templates

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